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All you need to know about Zerode Taniwha's suspension


The pivot placement of a ’regular’ full suspension mountain bike is restricted by the limitations of a common derailleur drive chain. To keep bob to a controlled level most frames designs try to achieve near vertical wheel paths

Nevertheless the force sent to the rear wheel by a bump is never  in a vertical direction! The force is always at some angle backwards. In a vertical wheel path case, most of the impact force from a bump just tries to push the swing arm back and slow the bike down. Thus it means a less efficient suspension and a bump is just slowing the bike down more. Moreover the tire gets hit with more strength hence the need for stronger wheels and higher tire pressure.

Zerode has positioned it’s swing arm pivot to optimise pedalling performances. With this pivot position the axle path is rearward so the bump force is not used to slow the bike down but to push the rear wheel out of the way. The wheel path gives the wheel more time to get out of the way of the bump too, reducing the impact stress on the wheel, which does not slow you down as much and allows the use of a much lighter wheelset.

The centralised mass of the Zerode further improves the bump absorption capacity. We have taken the weight of the cassette and derailleur out of the wheel and switched them by a gearbox located in the front triangle. In engineering words we have improved the sprung to unsprung ratio. The rear wheel, swingarm, axles and pivots, brake calliper and disc and suspension is the unsprung weight while the sprung weight is made of the rider, frame, handle bars etc. To get a better bump response of your suspension you need to shave as much weight as possible from unsprung. Hence the less your sprung mass (the rider) is affected as you hit bumps. So in short you’re getting a smoother ride and you carry more speed.

The developments made by Zerode to increase bumps absorption have a very real effect. Wheel path, wheel response time and centralised mass, all combine into impressive rear suspension performances. The very first time you hit a big square edge bump with your rear wheel on your Zerode you will immediately concur.

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