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Work with the physics


Even if the engine on a Moto is a lot more powerful than a MTB, the physics at work behind the suspension reactions under charge are almost indistinguishable. To make a long story short, there is a turf war raging on between two different effects.

Firstly, with each stroke of power coming from the biker, weight transfer will send a force down the rear of the bike. Then the rear suspension will react by trying to compress ( a very comparable action to the compression of the front fork under braking from the front brake).

Secondly, the traction force (the grip existing between the tyre and the trail) will tend to extend the suspension through the rotation of the suspension around it’s pivot point. One of  the effect of the chain line is to modify the amount of extension depending relatively to it’s position from the pivot point.

Balancing these two opposing effects is the key to create a pedal efficient platfomr on a MTB. By optimised placement of the pivot and chain line, and without the limitations linked to a conventional derailleur system, this becomes possible. Thanks to the Zerode suspension design, the extension force is equal and opposite to the compression force. The net result is zero force, zero compression, zero extension and finally zero pedal bob.

More to read here : http://linkagedesign.blogspot.co.za/2016/09/zerode-taniwha-275-2017.html

Many suspension designs claim to achieve zero bob. Not saying they’re failing to do so, they reach their goal by using a mix of chain force, pedalling platform shocks and lock systems… The drawback of locking out the suspension to any degree is in pedal feedback, loss of traction and turning your suspension components into dead weight. These are just ways to minimise drawbacks of poor suspension designs. What the Zerode suspension system achieves is a the suspension that stays either plush and active, improving traction, giving you the ability to pedal over rough grounds yet still being planted and maximise grip out of corners.… without any of this precious energy being wasted away by bob.