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Moving weight from the extremities to the middle of the bike, keeping the weight close to the ground and reducing the weight of the unsprung parts ie wheels, cluster, derailleur etc are some of the key goals in chassis design to maximise handling performance by improving the balance of the chassis.

On Zerode gearbox bikes the weight of the derailleur and cassette is removed from the rear of the bike and placed in the middle of the frame. This makes the bike more nimble, better balanced and ultimately improves suspension works and handling.

A more balanced bike with optimised suspension can roll faster over rougher terrain with less rider fatigue and less disruption to the bikes velocity and direction of travel.

What you will feel as a rider is less terrain affected instability, when you are entering a rough or rutted section of track. The bike will stay more stable while the wheels are also planted to the ground giving riders more grip thus increasing braking and turning efficiency. This leads to higher rider confidence to brake later and accelerate harder than anyone else. All this made for a faster, smoother and more controlled ride.

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