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What makes that bike so special


We all know that poor feeling of gears skipping. Whether it is caused by bashing your expensive derailleur on a rock or all the little pivots in your derailleur wearing out, the end game is the same, poor shifting, no confidence and a riding experience that is not so desirable. This is all changed by the Zerode Pinion gearbox. Seamless shifts, up or down, even if your bike is covered in mud. Your chain will last forever because it’s not tortured into climbing up and down cassettes. The Gearbox itself requires little maintenance as it is a sealed self contained unit. You will never drop a chain because the gearbox allows a fool poof chain guide to be built into the frame.

Rob and his team put a lot of testing into the selection of our gearbox. After thousands of downhill runs and trail rides on the same unit they are pretty confident they’ve made the perfect choice and we are sure you’ll agree.

Once again very significant improvements in your bikes performance have been done through Zerode’s redesign of the typical MTB frame from the ground up. This really is the future of MTB.